Training & Skills Development
Training & Skills Development

We provide fully automated staffing solution meeting all necessary demands. We help organizations to setup HR and Administration departments. We outsource candidates and deploy in organizations for projects. We have thousands of IT Professionals resumes, Doctors, Engineers and other skilled manpower.

We provide extensive platforms and facilities to enable our clients to select the best staffing options for their organizations. Our clients become a part of our team and jointly all the needs are analyzed and the optimal solution is offered that works best for our esteemed clients and their financial plan.

In the era of technology and advancement no one can deny the role of skills development and training. We understands the value of skills enhancement and training, and believes that training and skills development play a major role in practical career. Without the desired skills and training it becomes very difficult to cope up with the changing trends and technological advancements. Our membership with Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment Government of  Nepal adds value to our quality of work and approach.

. As some of the employers and companies prefer technical diploma holders, so we never compromise on the skills. Skilled candidates from all disciplines are provided a platform to expose their skills and apply on our website for the upcoming positions. Our clients that visit Nepal for the candidate’s selection are provided a complete demonstration of candidate’s abilities so that they can measure the abilities of the candidates that best fit in their organization.

 The results of tests are then provided to DITRC which is further shared with the delegation and based on the test results candidates are selected which is strictly on merit. However delegation/employer reserves the right to exclude any passed candidates due to any known or unknown reasons. The platform that we provide for both our clients and candidates is highly regarded, welcomed and appreciated by our client that gives them a better way to evaluate the candidates.

 We provide meaningful counseling to the candidates to be professional and perform their responsibilities in ethical, honest and responsible way. We always expect Pakistani candidates to do better in all the fields and disciplines wherever they are deployed. We always highly encourage the candidates to apply on our portal more. We have multiple training and skills development programs in the pipeline to encourage the Nepalese  candidates in multinational organization both in Nepal and foreign. Any technical and vocational training private or governmental are encouraged to contact us for any affiliation and collaboration so that we can facilitate them in offering job positions to their students.